Make the churn rate great again

Make The Churn Rate Great Again

Our machine learning platform will help you improve subscriber

Our mantra: hunt the churn!

To help you fight the churn rate plague, Notorious Big has built a predictive marketing platform that relies on 3 main features:

Churn predictions

For each subscriber, we score the likelihood to churn on a daily basis.

hunt the churn

Hunt the Churn

find the clues

Find the clues

Subscribers insights

We give you precious behavioural insights about your subscribers so that you can build the perfect marketing campaigns.

Roadmap recommendations

Our platform is not a blackbox! Included reports tell you precisely what are the current churn drivers and how important each of them are.

check the why churn

Check the why

With Notorious Big, you'll be able to:

  • Hold back your subscribers before it's too late
  • Improve your support team's efficiency
  • Build marketing campaigns that fit with your users habits
  • Get precious insights as to why customers churn
  • Make enlightened strategic decisions
+ 2 %
*Give your sales volume a bump!

*: Yearly turnover increase based on a 10% drop of the monthly churn rate with an ARPU of 15€ and a 25k subscribers base.


We also provide:

Full connectivity with your IT landscape

Thanks to our open API, you can easily transfer data in and out of the platform.

A beautiful and intuitive user interface

You can access it from anywhere on any browser.

Des dashboards de suivi

Nos rapports BI intègrent vos indicateurs clés de performance.

Success Stories

Notorious Big quickly enabled us to gather valuable subscribers insights.
They provide a great marketing platform and expertise.

François Claverie

Vice-président opérations

A well laid out platform combined with an excellent onboarding: Notorious Big became a cornerstone of our user loyalty strategy.

julien lemoine

Julien Lemoine

B2C France Executive

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About us

The Notorious Big company is born from the junction of two areas of expertise: data science and the subscription economy.

We rely on our knowledge to help companies be more efficient in customer retention.

Notorious Big provides its customers a predictive marketing platform that holds two main promises: predict future subscribers cancellations thanks to our machine learning algorithms, and provide insights about your data so that you know your subscribers better.


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